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REALISTIC DESIGN: These rubber snakes have a highly realistic skin texture and appearance just like real snakes for the ultimate pranking experience.
ASSORTED COLORS: The snakes come in assorted colors like green, brown and black to blend into different environments like grass, dirt and shadows.
LONG LASTING: Made of durable rubber, these snakes can withstand pulling, stretching and other handling without tearing or damage so pranks can be enjoyed for a long time.
SAFE AND NON TOXIC: Though very realistic in look and feel, these snakes are completely safe, non toxic and will not harm anyone.
GREAT FUN: At 28 inches long, these practical joke snakes provide fun scares and laughs for both kids and adults alike. Their realistic design and random colors ensure hilarious reactions.Description:
These Vaayu rubber snakes toys for kids make for fun and harmless pranks. At 28 inches long, their realistic look and feel will trick anyone into thinking they're handling a real snake. Available in assorted skin colors, these flexible and durable rubber snakes are designed to mimic the movement of the real thing. Great for surprising friends and getting a scare out of family, they're the perfect lightweight toy for both kids and adults looking for a laugh. Clean, non-toxic materials mean they can be handled safely. And with two snakes in each pack, there's plenty of pranking potential. Once the joke is over, just stash them back in the included storage pouch until next time! Perfect for birthdays, Halloween or any day in need of a good scare, these rubber snakes will have everyone laughing.

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