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Kid-friendly: This is a toy gun designed specifically for kids, with plastic construction and safe BB bullets.
Easy Loading: To load the bullets, carefully fold and insert them into the gun. Seek assistance from a guardian if needed to avoid damaging the toy.
Realistic Experience: The gun provides a realistic shooting experience with plastic BB bullets included.
Parental Guidance: Adult supervision is recommended when using this toy to ensure proper handling and safety.
Imaginative Play: This toy gun encourages imaginative play and can be enjoyed by kids of various ages.

Unleash the thrill of adventure with our realistic gun toys for kids! This set comes with a plastic BB gun and a pack of plastic BB bullets, providing endless hours of safe and exciting play. The gun's unique loading mechanism requires careful folding and loading of the bullets, adding an extra layer of challenge and skill. However, we strongly recommend seeking the guidance of a guardian to ensure proper handling and prevent any accidental damage to the toy. Designed with safety in mind, these gun toys allow children to explore their imagination while learning responsibility. Embrace the excitement of pretend play and create unforgettable memories with this engaging toy set. Please note that adult supervision is advised at all times during use.

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